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Sharing Our Stories: Dawn & Molly Molt

13198450_10208328603006500_2752509368747242515_oTwenty-two years ago Molly and I adopted a beautiful baby boy.

We wanted our child to know that God loves him and we thought the best way to experience God’s love would be in church. The problem was finding a church that would accept our whole family, two white women and a little African American baby. I called churches close to our home but was repeatedly told that we would not be welcome.

My twelfth call was to Laguna Beach United Methodist Church.

Rev. Ginny Wheeler returned my call and enthusiastically said yes we would be welcome, our whole family would be welcome. Matthew was baptized two months later.

In the twenty-two years that we have been members of LBUMC we have been blessed in numerous ways. Randy Krug’s daughter, Lisa, embraced our little bundle of joy from his infant days through the wild toddler years. Kevin Yates welcomed Matthew in Sunday School and asked me to teach, which I did for the next nineteen years. We met teacher Barbara and she became Matthew’s pre-school teacher. Matthew felt so comfortable and loved that he would often sit with other people, Betty Jo and Daniel, the Scholfields, and many others. He still has fond memories of his favorite mystery friend, Kitty Coleman. Beth Chapman helped teach Matthew’s confirmation class and now she has her own bundle of joy!

Molly and I love being a part of the loving, caring, vibrant church community that is Laguna Beach United Methodist Church. We are excited to participate by giving our time, our money, and our hearts to service outside the walls of our church as well as within. We hope the church we love will support full equality in membership, ordination, and marriage for God’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender children and become a Reconciling congregation. It’s Time!

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