Welcoming Team

Welcome Table

When newcomers choose to initially visit our church, the brightly decorated Welcome Table is their best resource of information on our church’s beliefs, services and events. As an attendant to this resource display you can be a valuable source of church knowledge and of enthusiasm for these newcomers.  If you are interested in becoming an attendant to the Welcome Table please contact Alice Wong, amkkwong@gmail.com.


Beginning every Sunday service two members of our congregation energetically greet all attendees as they enter the main doors of the church with a handshake or embrace.  These Greeters not only convey our friendly and welcoming nature, but they represent the connection we have in joining together for church worship.  If interested in joining our Greeter group please contact Loretta Thompson, lorettat4717@gmail.com.


Another wave of greeting for our church attendees is provided by two Ushers upon entering our church sanctuary. These Ushers provide the worship service program to all attendees and provide assistance with seating if needed. Their additional role is to facilitate collection of attendance cards and donations. If interested in becoming an Usher please contact the LBUMC office at (949) 499-3088 or info@lbumc.org

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