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LBUMC – Sanctuary Church?

Congregation, we have been in prayer about how best to be a resource to those who may find themselves vulnerable in an ever-changing political system regarding their immigration status. The Sanctuary movement is not new, but we are considering how best we can be in ministry for and with those who are at risk of deportation.
The United Methodist Church has long held the stance of special concern for “the poor and oppressed who come to our land seeking survival,” much in the same way Jesus’s life began as a refugee to Africa when he and his family fled to Egypt to escape Herod’s infanticide (Matthew 2:13-18). Our Book of Resolutions offers the following statement: 

“In Scripture, Jesus continually manifests compassion for the vulnerable and the poor. Jesus incarnated hospitality as he welcomed people and ministered to their greatest need. Jesus’ presence on earth initiated the Kingdom reality of a new social order based on love, grace, justice, inclusion, mercy, and egalitarianism, which was meant to replace the old order, characterized by nepotism, racism, classism, sexism, and exclusion. The broken immigration system in the United States and the xenophobic responses to migrants reflect the former social order. The calling of the people of God is to advocate for the creation of a new immigration system that reflects Jesus’ beloved community.” (United Methodist Book of Resolutions, Par. 3281)

In light of this, we are prayerfully discerning how we can best offer our help and support to the Immigrants in our community. The first thing we can do is educate ourselves, that we might be a sanctuary of information to point to the right places and people, who are already equipped with resources.

We have also put together a task force, headed by Al Gumb, to help navigate our next steps. The first thing we would like to do is gather your input, so that we can know where your heart lies in the matter. You will find a survey form HERE, which offers options of what you would like to do.  We ask that you prayerfully consider what God places on your heart as you read the survey. You will also find some additional resources, which may help as you consider your answers.

Thank you for your attention and passion. I am so hopeful for all the ways in which we can help those at risk in our community.

With humble gratitude,
Rev. Mandy ​
​Bishop Grant Hagiya’s Statement in Support of Sanctuary:​

RedCards, in English and Spanish –

More information from

​the United Methodist General Board of Church & Society:


Rev. Mandy Sloan McDow

Senior Minister
Laguna Beach United Methodist Church
21632 Wesley Drive
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 499-3088 

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