As Christians, we follow the path of Jesus to grow and live out our love of God and neighbor.  As United Methodist Christians, we follow this path with an emphasis on grace, trusting that God’s abundant love strengthens our journey and welcomes us back every time we fall short on our journey to love as abundantly as God loves us.

As the people of Laguna Beach United Methodist Church, we strive to bring God’s love to life in the actions and decisions of our lives, the ministries of our church, and the attitudes we bring into every aspect of our daily living.  We know we’re not perfect.  But we trust that God’s love can bring hope to life and help us forgive ourselves and one another for our shortcomings.

As human beings, we honor the wholeness of the human experience.  We engage in questions and doubts, open-ended conversations, heart-felt prayer, open-minded debates, and joy-filled worship.  We strive to make our decisions by integrating not only scripture and the tradition of our faith, but also our experience, our reasoning abilities, and the experience and thoughts of others.

We welcome you onto this journey with us as we grow together and strive to bring love to life!

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