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Sharing our Stories: Judy McCall

A strong, 35278_101749109880325_2483060_nvital faith in God was instilled in me at birth growing up in the conservative Bible Belt of

the South in the 40’s and 50’s. Mom, dad and brother were faithful, active participants in all

things “church.” I led our Youth Fellowship and was on the Presbytery’s Mexico deputation

team. I began my work career as Director of Christian Education for 13 years, working alongside

Pastors I loved and respected whose anti-homosexuality beliefs inevitably pushed me out of

Church ministry for the sheer terror of being discovered as gay.


My business career brought me to Orange County where after years of searching, I found

LBUMC. Pastor Ginny welcomed me with open arms and declared, “how wonderful to have

another experienced church colleague!” Ginny lost no time in putting me to work – thanks be to

God! At last, after 42 years living a double, dishonest life, I could serve God openly! I have

been privileged to be Nurture Chair, serve as Administration Board Chair, Stewardship Chair,

speaker, teacher, preacher, and Lay Leader. What inexplicable joy in service.

LBUMC is a congregation of warm, inclusive, servants of Christ who throw their arms of love and

acceptance around all strangers in our midst. I grieve for those still on the outside who do not

know they would be safe here. The UMC is globally known for being closed to marrying,

ordaining, or fully accepting the LGBTQ folks and many of the marginalized of the world. This

grieves our Heavenly Father! We are not following His command. It’s TIME we finally obey our

commission to love all people, and fulfill our baptismal promises. We are ready to say to those

seekers, “Come Home, you will be valued here just as you are.”


Lord in your mercy…

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