Lynn Munson is Sr. Pastor at Yorba Linda United Methodist Church where she has managed to swell the ranks of the congregation.

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Lynn Munson is Sr. Pastor at Yorba Linda United Methodist Church where she has managed to swell the ranks of the congregation.

Lynn Munson

Lynn Munson is the senior minister at Laguna Beach United Methodist Church in July.  She most recently served as the senior minister for the Yorba Linda United Methodist Church for the past seven years. Although she was born in Chicago, she has lived most of her life in Orange County....

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Meg Estrada

Margaret Estrada, known as Meg, is a Diaconal Minister in the United Methodist Church. Meg’s area of interest is adult Christian Education, as well as serving as Liturgist in worship. She has experience as  a Stephen Leader and is presently helping to initiate the Stephen Ministry in our church.

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Tori Nevens (1)

Tori Nevens

Tori Nevens is a born and raised Southern California girl who spent most of her childhood days basking in the California sunshine. At only 3 years old she was surfing in the Pacific Ocean and learning how to ride a bike without training wheels. Her parents would describe her as...

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Daniel Thompson

Daniel first attended Laguna Beach United Methodist Church as a child in Sunday School. His passion for music led to lessons for piano, violin, and organ until he moved to Los Angeles to study biochemistry at UCLA. Daniel returned to Orange County and directs the music ministry at LBUMC.

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Brent Argo

Brent Argo has been Laguna Beach United Methodist Church’s Choir Director since the fall of 2013, and has also served as Director of the Handbell Choir since 2001. Brent has had a lifelong involvement in sacred choral music and passionately believes that music can speak to people in ways that the spoken word cannot. It...

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Pam Selawski

Pam Selawski has been  an integral part of the church staff at Laguna Beach United Methodist Church since 1999 serving as the Administrative Secretary.  If you come into the Church office you will also meet Daisy, her Doxie mix dog, who is Pam’s number one assistant. Pam is a life-long Methodist and enjoys the challenges...

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Valarie Gabel

Valarie Gabel has been working for Laguna Beach United Methodist Church since February of 1999. Her duties include bookkeeping and aiding the Trustees in all financial operations of the church. Teaching Tai Chi Chuan is a great love of Valarie’s and she has been teaching through the City of Laguna Beach since 1986.  Valarie...

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