At Laguna Beach United Methodist Church we consider ourselves a friendly and love-centered church. We want to provide a service to our community and to any who wish to be married in the Sanctuary.  Our staff is gracious and professional. We feel that we can provide you with the kind of wedding which will become an especially happy and life long memory.

Staff Contact Information

Senior Pastor: Pastor Lynn Munson Francis  –

Wedding Coordinator: Laura Hahn –

Wedding Services1

Informal Weddings – held in the Sanctuary or in our outdoor setting or even in a private home.  In the Sanctuary, an informal wedding consists of the bride, the groom, their two witnesses and no more than 15 guests.  A processionals and/or music is not provided.  Informal Weddings can be arranged for any day or time subject to the minister’s schedule.

Formal Weddings – held in the Sanctuary.  The services for Formal Weddings consists of our Wedding Coordinator, Organist, Custodian Staff and a Staff Clergy person to perform the ceremony.

4Formal Weddings can be arranged (subject to availability) for the following times:

Friday Evenings by appointment

Saturday’s at 10AM, 1PM, 4PM or evenings by appointment.

Sunday’s at 1PM, 4PM or evenings by appointment.

Weddings at Laguna Beach UMC are arranged for 3 hour time frames. Wedding parties have full and exclusive use of the facility for 1 1/2 hours prior to the actual wedding time as well as 1 1/2 hours following the start of the ceremony.


6Wedding Coordinator

Formal Weddings are filled with numerous “behind the scenes” details which can easily become overwhelming for both the bride and groom, especially the day of the ceremony. Our Wedding Coordinator will assist the entire wedding party to stay focused on the event as well as the bride and groom. It is required that all Formal Weddings take advantage of the skills of our Wedding Coordinator.

Click here to see our Wedding Brochure 2019 (rev 06-22-19)


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